"This is our way of getting to know our own heritage, as well as getting to know other cultures that we are very fond of! We are all about creativity, culture and learning!"

Oteetee Designer



A curious creative decided to travel to Hong Kong, going back to their roots to seek adventure, opportunity and possibilities. After 6 years in Fragrant Harbour and travelling to other Asian destinations. He then got a small band of creatives together and thought it would be fun to share a little piece of that experience through T-shirts that they would wear themselves. After some time and showing to thier friends and family, it was decided that Oteetee should be born! 

Oteetee is a lifestyle brand that takes inspirations from Asian culture, curates and design. Whether it's inspired by nostalgic sweets from Japan, to the local Mahjong tile maker. You'll be sure that you will find completely original designs right here. 

Oteetee is currently headquartered in Hong Kong, and also have a presence in the US and Europe to ensure quality and shipping are always tip top! if you have any questions, send an email or message on Facebook. Oteetee will always respond back as quickly as possible!